Blum & Associates offers professional and affordable Resume services along with several levels of Human Resources consulting that will prove to be extremely beneficial to individuals as well as all small and medium size corporations.

First, is a comprehensive list of Resume and Job Search services for the individual who is either updating a resume or involved in a job search.

Second, is the Human Resources consulting aspect of the business.  We will work closely with you to ensure that all of your policies and procedures, and your everyday practices, are consistent and in the best interest of the company.  We will ensure that all of your Human Resources practices fulfill all state and federal requirements.  If for some reason you do not have an Employee Handbook, or any established human resources policies or procedures in effect at this time, you should contact us right away.

Third,  is a complete line of Administrative services that will truly save you time and money.  By using us you will no longer have to pay enormous salaries to employees who really hate to do tedious word processing jobs, such as typing long documents and various other forms of correspondence.  We are capable of performing both large and small word processing assignments using the most efficient software available.  We offer a large variety of administrative services in this area.  Monthly contracts are very popular in this area.

Fourth, is a large variety of Corporate Outplacement services that will assist small to medium companies, facilitate their outplaced employees.  We offer a large list of job search services that work closely with these employees to assist them with resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills, etc.

We take pride in maintaining the highest degree of professionalism, ethical conduct and confidentiality.

Please visit our individual pages within this website to discover the large amount of services that we offer. 

If currently, or in the future, you could be interested in our services, we would welcome the opportunity to help you.

If you are interested in the services of Blum & Associates, please contact us at 815-575-6510 or at